This exercise is a great way to strengthen your gluts and lower back muscles.

  1. Lay on your back and squeeze your bum as you lift it up, forming a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.
  2. Hold this position for your allocated time, then return slowly back down

Pelvic Rollup

This exercise is similar to the supine bridge, but it has a greater emphasis on spinal articulation. In other words, it helps improve your lower back and pelvic coordination and mobility. Like the supine bridge, it will also strengthen your gluts and lower back muscles.

  1. Lay on your back, tilt your pubic bone towards your rib cage, turning on your abdominal muscles
  2. Roll up your spine, lifting one segment at a time, until you form a straight line from your shoulders to your knees.
  3. Lowering back down can be a good way to understand the movement. Lower your ribs down, but keep your bum up. Drop down one segment at a time until your pelvis returns to its neutral position on the floor
  4. Repeat this movement as per your prescribed sets and reps.

Your osteopath will outline the number of sets and reps appropriate for you.

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