Single Leg Shallow Squat

This single shallow squat is also known as the quarter squat. This exercise does so much! And can be prescribed for so many complaints. It is an incredibly functional exercise for people experiencing pain whilst walking, running or playing their chosen sport.

The single leg shallow squat will improve your trunk, pelvic, hip, knee and ankle stability as well as your balance.

The key focal point here is to maintain alignment throughout the movement.

Avoid the following:

  • Ankle rolling in.
  • Knee rolling in.
  • Pelvis rotating or shifting to the side.

Tips to maintain alignment:

Imagine two headlights at the bony prominences at the front of your pelvis

Keep those headlights facing straight ahead. Don’t allow one to raise higher and don’t allow them to shine their light to either side

Keep your knee in line over the middle of your foot. Avoid it rolling to the inwards or outwards.

However, once you grasp that, look straight ahead and focus on keeping your body straight. Your knee goes to where your hip and ankle take it

Your osteopath will outline the number of sets and reps appropriate for you.

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