Medicare GP Plans for Osteopathy in Mount Eliza

Teamwork Makes the Recovery Dream Work: How osteopaths and GPs Collaborate for Your Top-Tier Health

Imagine this: you’re experiencing persistent back pain that disrupts your sleep and daily activities. You visit your GP, and while they diagnose the issue, they also recommend seeing an osteopath. But why? It’s all about teamwork!

Think of your GP and osteopath as a dynamic duo for your health. They work together, each with their unique expertise, to ensure you get the best possible outcome. Here’s how:

Your GP: Acts as your trusted health advisor, using their medical knowledge to diagnose the source of your pain or discomfort. They might order tests or scans to get a complete picture.

Your osteo: Once the GP identifies the issue as a musculoskeletal problem, the osteo steps in as the rehabilitation coach. They assess your movement, muscle strength, and flexibility to design a personalised recovery plan. This recovery plan often includes a combination of hands-on manual therapy, along with home-based exercises and self-help strategies.

Your GP: Considers your health from a medical perspective. They may prescribe medication if needed to manage pain or inflammation, the GP will address any underlying medical conditions that might be contributing to your problem.

Your osteo: Employs manual therapy techniques like massage and mobilisation to improve joint function and reduce pain. They also teach you specific exercises to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and prevent future problems.

Your GP and osteo: Regularly communicate about your progress. The osteo might update the GP on your response to treatment, and the GP might adjust medication or order further tests if needed.

You: Are at the center of it all! Both the GP and osteo will involve you in the decision-making process and answer any questions you have.

With your GP and osteopath working as a team, you have a winning combination for achieving your health goals. So, embrace the teamwork and get ready to move towards a healthier, happier you!

How Do GP Care Plans Work?

A referral is made by the GP.

The GP will provide 2 forms, one form is your medical history and the second form is all the details for the care plan. Including the number of allocated sessions for the plan.

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Please ensure we have received a copy of the plan as we will need this to process your medicare rebate.

Your initial appointment starts your recovery journey

Your initial appointment will begin with us listening to the story of your problem while gathering your case history. Following this, we will conduct an assessment and then work with you to establish your goals, engaging in a discussion to determine the most suitable recovery plan for you. If necessary, we can even start with some hands-on treatment to alleviate any discomfort.

After your first visit, we then write a letter back to your GP informing them of our plan.

We work with you over the course of your plan to reach your pain related goals.

The application of this depends on the individual but may include a combination of:

• Hands-on manual treatment.
• Self-help advice.
• Capacity building, encompassing home-based exercises, rehabilitation guidance, and support tailored to reintegrate you into activities you enjoy.

We follow up with your GP at the end of the plan.

After the last allocated session, we write another letter back to your GP to inform them of your progress over the course of the plan.

Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans (CDM Plan):

Also Known as Extended Primary Care Plan (EPC). Sometimes referred to as a GP Care Plan.

Medicare Benefits Schedule – Item 10966

Eligible clients can claim up to 5 consultations (including services claimed for other allied health providers) in a calendar year. The GP will allocate the number of sessions to each provider.

Medicare will cover a portion of the cost for services under the item number 10966. There will be an out of pocket expense as clients are required to cover the gap. Medicare will reimburse a higher percentage if the client has reached their threshold for the Medicare safety net.

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