DVA at YouMove Osteopathy

Clients may be able to receive osteopathic services if they have a clinical need and a: Veteran Gold Card; or White Veteran Card and their treatment is for an accepted service-related condition.

A referral will last for up to 12 sessions or 1 year, whichever ends first. There are no limits to the number of treatment cycles the client can have. The client will not be charged for services covered by DVA.

Photo Credit: dva.gov.au

This is how it works:

A referral is made by the GP.

The GP will make the referral via the D904 (Veterans’ Affairs Request) Form.

A referral is valid for up to 12 treatments or 1 year, whichever ends first. This is called a Treatment Cycle.

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Please ensure we have received a copy of the D904 Form as we cannot provide DVA services without it.

Your initial appointment starts your recovery journey

Your initial appointment will begin with us listening to the story of your problem while gathering your case history. Following this, we will conduct an assessment and then work with you to establish your goals, engaging in a discussion to determine the most suitable recovery plan for you.

We call this a Patient Care Plan. And we send it to your GP.

We work with you over the course of the plan to reach your pain related goals

The application of this depends on the individual but may include a combination of:

• Hands-on manual treatment.
• Self-help advice.
• Capacity building, encompassing home-based exercises, rehabilitation guidance, and support tailored to reintegrate you into activities you enjoy.

We follow up with your GP at the end of the plan.

Towards the end of the treatment cycle, We will write up an End of Cycle Report based on your outcomes over the treatment cycle. We send this to your GP and recommend whether or not another treatment cycle is needed.

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