Posterior Cuff Eccentric Control

Posterior Rotator Cuff Eccentric Control.

This exercise targets the posterior rotator cuff. It helps to build strength in the back of the shoulder to improve stability of the joint. Targeting the eccentric component of the movement places emphasis on the control of muscle lengthening.

  • To begin, choose a dumbbell weight which suits the current capacity of your shoulder. This is expected to be very light to begin with. Even 500g or 1kg is enough.
  • Next, lay down on the unaffected side in a comfortable position with the head supported.
  • Your top arm is stretched out in front of you, perpendicular to your body. You are holding onto the dumbbell but it is resting on the floor.
  1. Drag the dumbbell along the floor towards you so there is little demand on the shoulder.
  2. Continue pulling the dumbbell over your chest, until it is on top of you, resting on the side of your ribs, just under the arm.
  3. Next push the dumbbell towards the ceiling, straightening your elbow. Keeping the dumbbell positioned over your arm.
  4. Keep your elbow straight as you slowly lower the dumbbell towards the floor. It should take you at least 5 seconds to reach the floor.
    1. You should be reaching the floor with your arm perpendicular to your body. The same position as you started in. 
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