Measuring the range available at the ankle joint is important when it comes to the rehabilitation of ankle injuries.

A reduction in ankle range of motion, particularly if there is a discrepancy from left to right can have an impact further up the kinetic chain.

A stiff ankle can increase the amount of force placed on certain muscles. It can also change how you move through the knee, hip and trunk.

Considering this, we may assess the ankle when we’re looking at why pain began in these areas.

The normal way to measure the range available in a joint is to use a goniometer. However, measuring your knee to wall range is a much simpler way to compare side to side.

  1. To do this, first lay a piece of tape on the floor so you can measure your range without marking the floor.
  2. Start with your unaffected side, as this will give a baseline as what’s normal for you.
  3. Stand with your foot flat on the ground and your toes close to the wall.
  4. Bring your knee to the wall, leaving your heel flat on the floor.
  5. If that is easy, bring your foot further away from the wall, until you can’t reach the wall with your knee anymore.
  6. We’re measuring the distance between your toes and the wall at the greatest distance that you can keep your heel on the ground whilst still touch your knee to the wall.
  7. Keep your foot and leg straight. Avoid collapsing in the mid foot. This will give us a more accurate reading of the range available at the actual joint we’re measuring.
  8. Place a mark on the tape at the tip of your big toe. Compare the effected ankle to the unaffected ankle to see your discrepancy.
  9. This test can then become your rehab. You can continue this as an exercise, until you can perform the same distance as the unaffected ankle.
  10. This exercise should not cause pain. Your osteopath will discuss the relevant sets and reps that are appropriate for you.
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