Isometric Gluteal Wall Press

This exercise is designed to activate and sustain a gluteal contraction whilst encouraging you to maintain a pelvic alignment.

Improving the strength of glutes will assist pelvic stability. The isometric gluteal wall press a great starting point for painful conditions such as gluteal tendinopathy and trochanteric pain syndrome.

Important consideration: The target leg is actually the stance leg. The gluteal muscles in this leg will be recruited to keep your pelvis aligned. Yes the glutes will also be engaged in the leg which is pushing into the wall.

This exercise should not cause knee pain. If you have knee instability, this exercise may not be right for you.​

  1. Stand parallel to the wall with your shoulder and hips lightly touching the wall.
  2. Bend the knee on the wall side to 90 degrees.
  3. You can perform this exercise with a straight leg but this places more strain through the knee.
    1. By sitting back into a shallow single leg squat you not only reduce the strain on the knee but you also improve gluteal engagement
  4. Press the leg on the wall side into the wall with moderate force whilst maintaining stability in the stance leg.
    1. Keep the hip and shoulder on the wall side touching the wall the whole time.
    2. This avoids you swaying at the pelvis.
  5. Hold the contraction for the allocated time and then release, but don’t straighten the knee again.
    1. Perform all repetitions on one leg before relaxing and switching sides.

Your Osteopath with outline the sets/reps and time to hold.

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