Bow and Arrow Exercise

This is a great exercise to improve trunk rotation

We often commence the prescription of this exercise with our focus on movement coordination as opposed to building muscular strength.

To perform the exercise. Start with your hands out in front of you as though you are holding onto a bow & arrow.

Draw back with one arm and rotate through your rib cage.

Your head should remain in line with your sternum.

The reason we start this exercise seated is to remove the need to think about keeping straight the hips. We prefer to have you learn a new movement without placing too much thought on what not to do.

Once you grasp this exercise seated, and you’ve got the feel for thoracic rotation, we can progress to standing. When you do this, it becomes important to keep your pelvis straight. One good analogy is that you have two head lights either side of your hips, and they are going to continue to shine forwards the entire time. Then, the exercise is exactly the same as before.

After a few weeks, it is a good idea to advance this exercise by adding some resistance, such as an exercise tube.

Remember, as the focus is on trunk rotation, we want to limit movement in other areas, such as our neck and pelvis.

There are 3 common mistakes people make

  1. Turning too far, or not enough, with their neck.
  2. Only moving their shoulder joint.
  3. Twisting at the hips.

Your osteopath will advise you on the appropriate sets and reps for you.

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